We offer a wide range of payment options, including no-deposit and interest-free finance, to help you spread the cost of your new smile.

0% finance for braces

All-inclusive prices

During your consultation, we’ll give you quotes for all your preferred treatment options. The cost of your braces will include every step of your treatment. There are no hidden surprises, and we provide extra benefits like DentalMonitoring and one year of aftercare as standard.

Our prices include:

  • The care of a highly experienced orthodontist
  • All your photos, scans and X-rays
  • A choice of fixed, removable or hidden braces
  • IPR and Invisalign attachments
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Repairs, replacements and emergency care
  • DentalMonitoring for every patient
  • Removable retainers and one year of aftercare

Payment options to suit you

At your consultation, we’ll go through all your different payment options, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

1. Pay in full and receive a 7.5% discount

If you choose to pay for your treatment upfront in full, you’ll enjoy a 7.5% discount. We accept payment by bank transfer, credit and debit card.

2. Interest-free monthly payments

Our in-house finance plans allow you to spread the cost of your braces without incurring any interest. You’ll pay an initial deposit starting from €1,000, followed by monthly repayments over 18 months.

3. No-deposit monthly payments

If you’d prefer not to pay a lump sum upfront, our third-party finance provider offers no-deposit payment plans over 2–3 years.

Discounts and savings

We also have ways you can save on the cost of your orthodontic treatment.

Receive a 20% tax refund

You can claim a 20% tax refund for non-routine dental expenses, including orthodontic treatment. We’ll complete a Med 2 form for you to keep as a receipt of your treatment. You won’t need to submit the form with your claim but keep it safe in case it’s required.

€1,000 discount for Vhi Dental customers

If you’ve had a dental plan with Vhi for more than two years, you can save up to €1,000 off the cost of your braces.

Claim back €1,700 through Garda Medical Aid

If you’re eligible for Garda Medical Aid, you can claim back 60% of the cost of your treatment up to a total of €1,700. We’ll provide details of your treatment, which you’ll need to submit alongside your claim and paid receipts.

How much will your treatment cost?

Our fixed prices for Invisalign and fixed braces range between €4,950 and €5,200. You can find more information about our prices over on our fees page.

To receive a personalised quote, contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Jackie Bracken.