iTero scanner

Before we fit your braces, we’ll need to take accurate impressions of your teeth and jaws. These 3D models help us to plan your treatment and achieve incredible, long-lasting results.

In the past, we took impressions using alginate – a gloopy substance that you bite into. Now we can take digital impressions in moments using our clever iTero scanner.

Benefits of digital scanning

  • There’s no need for messy alginate impressions
  • The iTero scanner takes pictures using a small handheld wand
  • It’s comfortable and takes just a few minutes
  • Your digital scans will be ready to view straight away
  • We can even show you a preview of your new smile

How it works

We’ve invested in the latest technology to make your journey enjoyable. Traditional alginate impressions can be messy, and some patients find the process uncomfortable.

The iTero scanner is a fantastic alternative that’s quick, comfortable and more accurate than alginate impressions.

Lie back and relax while we scan your mouth using a small, handheld wand. We can stop whenever you like. Within seconds, 3D models of your teeth and jaws will appear on the screen.

Dr. Jackie Bracken will use these models to carefully plan your treatment for the optimal outcome. We can also use them to show you your projected result at your first appointment. You can see for yourself the amazing changes braces can achieve.

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iTero and Invisalign

If you opt for Invisalign treatment, we’ll use our iTero scanner to design and manufacture your custom-made, clear aligners.

Digital impressions will ensure your aligners are a perfect fit for precise movements and unrivalled results.

We’ll turn your digital scans into a bespoke treatment plan. Most excitingly, you’ll be able to see how your teeth will move throughout your treatment.

Specialist orthodontist Jackie will have full control over the design of your smile. Only when everyone’s happy will we create your aligners and start your transformation.

Invisalign aligners

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Happy clients

My two children had braces with Jackie. I want to thank her so much for creating a friendly and comfortable environment for them and giving them a fantastic smile.

K. Murphy, Tipperary