Invisible braces

We have a range of inconspicuous braces for you to choose from. They’re not actually invisible, but they come close. Using subtle clear aligners or tooth-coloured braces, we can help you to smile with confidence throughout your orthodontic treatment.


Invisalign aligners are a revolution. There are no brackets or wires and no metal. Invisalign works using a series of custom-made, clear aligners. You can take them in and out for eating, drinking and brushing. They’re exceptionally discreet and a convenient way to transform your smile.

Invisalign by Jackie

Clear fixed braces

Clear braces attach to the front surfaces of your teeth, just like metal train tracks. Instead of metal brackets, they feature clear ceramic ones, making them much less noticeable. Just like fixed braces, they’re excellent at aligning teeth. They can tackle both straightforward and challenging cases.

Crystal clear braces

Discreet kid’s braces

Invisible braces aren’t just for adults. Children and teens can opt for barely-there braces too. Clear fixed braces are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. There’s even an Invisalign option for younger patients who’d prefer not to wear fixed braces.

Children's braces

You can find out more about our invisible braces here on our website. If you’re ready to talk to an expert, arrange your consultation with specialist orthodontist Dr. Jackie Bracken. Jackie will show you how discreet invisible braces really are, and how incredible their results can be.

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Happy clients

From the time of my first appointment, to the day I got my braces off, Jackie made it the most pleasant experience and her attention to detail is amazing.

J. O’Neill, Kilkenny