It’s always a pleasure to receive feedback from delighted patients. Alan was kind enough to leave us a Google review mid-way through his Invisalign journey. We can’t wait for an update when he finishes his treatment.

Alan’s Invisalign review

“I have been visiting Jackie and all of the staff there for the past few months and it has been an absolute pleasure every step of the way. I may be slightly different to most people who go for braces as I am rapidly approaching my forties and had been in two minds for years as to whether or not I should, or I needed to, get braces.

On my initial consultation, Jackie and Lydia made the process so simple and straightforward that I made my mind up there and then and decided to go with the Invisalign option. The technology that they use to show you your teeth in their current state versus what the future state will be was the game changer for me. When I could see on the screen in front of me what my teeth would look like in a few months helped me to make my mind up.

I work in a sales role for my job so I am constantly meeting people, either over video calls due to Covid but normally in person, and I would have been very conscious of my teeth in the past. We are now 5 months into the process and there is already a huge change in my appearance which completely justifies why I made the right choice by trusting Jackie and the team.

The first consultation was fantastic as Lydia and Jackie described in detail what they were doing and how the process would work. We talked about different brace options, what the duration would be and the payment process and it genuinely could not have been more enjoyable if they tried.

They gave me my DentalMonitoring ScanBox so every week I take photos of my teeth on an app and send it over to Jackie to be reviewed and then I am told whether to move onto the next set of aligners or not. This means I save time by not having to go to the clinic every few weeks and we can do it all remotely.

To sum up I would HIGHLY recommend you at least speak with Jackie and the team if you are in any way considering braces or Invisalign. I should have done it years ago myself. I can see the difference already and it’s helped my confidence in a big way also. It is a small investment in yourself and the team at Orthodontics by Jackie make the process extremely enjoyable.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever giving the clinic a 5-star review and would encourage people to book a consultation and see for yourself what they can do for you. It will be the best thing you have ever done!!”