Since launching in 2000, Invisalign has transformed teeth straightening, providing a discreet and effective alternative to train tracks to millions of people worldwide.

A new way to straighten teeth

Invisalign is the brainchild of Stanford student Zia Christi. After starting his own orthodontic treatment, he wondered if there was a better (more discreet) way to align teeth.

Inspired by his removable retainer and with the help of some fellow students, Zia developed the inaugural Invisalign system. It works using a series of custom-made, crystal-clear aligners – there are no metal brackets or wires, and it’s virtually invisible.

Over the last two decades, we’ve watched Invisalign get better and better. Thanks to continued development and innovation, Invisalign now matches the efficiency and results of fixed braces.

Here are some of the highlights of its evolution.

iTero scanner integration

Before you start your treatment, we’ll take scans of your teeth using our digital iTero scanner. It’s a fantastic alternative to squishy alginate and offers exceptional accuracy for perfectly fitting aligners.

Your scan will take minutes, it’s comfortable, and you’ll even get to see a preview of your projected outcome.

SmartTrack material

Invisalign isn’t the only clear aligner system on the market, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most advanced. Its SmartTrack material is the result of years of research and development. Invisalign tested 260 materials in their quest for the perfect aligner.

The benefits of SmartTrack material include gentle, constant forces, more controlled tooth movements, faster treatment times and aligners that fit snugly and are easier to take in and out.

Invisalign SmartTrack material

SmartForce attachments

SmartForce attachments are tiny tooth-coloured shapes of composite that we attach to your teeth during your treatment. They act as handles and help your aligners achieve movements they might struggle with otherwise.

Power ridges are a special type of attachment that we use to correct teeth that are tilted. These small bumps apply additional force to the root of the tooth.

SmartForce bite ramps

Bite ramps are small triangle-shaped attachments that we fit behind your front teeth. We use bite ramps to treat deep bites, where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth excessively (some overlap is ideal).

The attachments will prevent your front teeth from overlapping and allow your back teeth and jaws to move into the correct position.

Mandibular advancement

Mandibular advancement has been one of the most exciting Invisalign developments for teens, allowing us to treat class II malocclusions without the need for a separate appliance. Using enhanced precision wings, the aligners simultaneously bring the lower jaw forward while aligning your teeth.

We can also add precision cuts to your aligners, which we use as hooks for elastic bands. The elastics connect the upper and lower jaw to gently pull them together into the optimal position.

Weekly aligner changes

In 2016, Invisalign introduced weekly aligner changes for some patients, reducing treatment times by up to 50%. Each set of aligners will move your teeth towards your goal, so it’s always exciting to change to a fresh set and see your new smile getting closer.

At the start of your transformation, we can show you how your teeth are expected to move with each aligner change.

Invisalign Diamond Apex provider

Dr. Jackie Bracken is an Invisalign Diamond Apex provider, and she has a wealth of experience treating a wide variety of cases using clear aligners.

Diamond Apex status is an accolade given to the doctors who have treated the highest number of Invisalign cases throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Jackie is currently one of just two Diamond Apex providers in Ireland.

As well as being an experienced provider of Invisalign, Jackie is a specialist orthodontist. This means she specialises in straightening teeth using Invisalign and other techniques, including fixed braces and functional appliances.

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, Jackie is perfectly placed to talk you through all your options and show you how we can help you achieve your dream smile.

To arrange your no-obligation consultation or ask us any questions, contact our friendly team.