We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience at Orthodontics by Jackie. We recently introduced indirect bonding to make your bond-up appointment quicker and more comfortable.

What is indirect bonding?

Indirect bonding is a technique we use to fit fixed braces to your teeth. Before, we would carefully attach each bracket to your teeth one by one. This needs to be done very exactly, so it can take time, which can be tiresome for patients.

Thanks to indirect bonding, we can now place all the brackets on your teeth at the same time, with the same level of precision.

Indirect bonding technique

Before your appointment, Dr. Jackie Bracken will position your brackets virtually on a 3D model of your teeth.

We’ll then 3D-print transfer trays, which are custom-made to hold your brackets in the perfect position. These trays fit over your teeth, placing each bracket on your teeth simultaneously.

The benefits to you

With the introduction of indirect boding, you’ll enjoy a quicker bond-up appointment and less time in the chair. This is especially welcome news if you’re a nervous patient or you find it uncomfortable to hold your mouth open for long periods.

Indirect bonding is also incredibly accurate, and Jackie can spend time meticulously positioning the brackets on your ‘digital teeth’. She can rotate your 3D model to visualise your brackets from every angle.

By placing your brackets in the ideal spot, we’ll have maximum control over your braces and teeth, providing exceptional accuracy and unparalleled results.

If you have any questions about indirect bonding, don’t hesitate to contact us.