A crossbite is a type of misalignment where your top and bottom teeth don’t bite together correctly. Instead of your upper teeth sitting slightly outside your lower teeth, one or more teeth will sit inside.

Different types of crossbite

A crossbite can involve a single tooth or a group of teeth. If your back teeth are affected, you have a posterior crossbite.

If your upper front teeth bite behind your lower front teeth, you have an anterior crossbite. If all of your front teeth bite behind your lower teeth, you have an underbite, which is another type of malocclusion (dental misalignment).

What causes a crossbite?

The causes of a crossbite can be environmental or genetic:

  • Delayed or early loss of baby teeth
  • Persistent thumb or finger sucking
  • A comparatively small upper jaw
  • Abnormal eruption of adult teeth
  • Missing teeth

dental spacing

Why we treat crossbites

Depending on the severity of your crossbite, you may experience symptoms including tooth wear, receding gums and uneven jaw growth.

If your teeth are very crooked and crowded, you might find it difficult to reach all the surfaces of your teeth when you brush and floss.

During your consultation, Dr. Jackie Bracken will examine your teeth and discuss all your treatment options with you, including the option of no treatment.

Sometimes, a crossbite can indicate an underlying issue with your jaws, which is best treated at a young age while you’re still growing.

Treatments for crossbites

Your treatment options for your crossbite may depend on your age. Fixed braces and Invisalign aligners are suitable for all ages, while functional braces are only suitable for children and young teens.

Functional braces

If we need to improve the position of your jaws, we can use functional braces while they’re still growing. Functional appliances, including the Hyrax appliance, are removable braces that reposition your jaws to correct bite problems and improve your facial profile. We usually follow functional treatment with fixed braces to complete your smile.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces have been used for decades to straighten a wide range of complaints, from straightforward spacing to complex crowding. They’re popular among adults and children, and you can choose between metal and clear ceramic brackets.

fixed braces


Invisalign is our removable option, which uses custom-made clear aligners to gradually straighten your crossbite. It’s a fantastic alternative to fixed braces, and with the experience of a specialist orthodontist leading your treatment, you can expect the same great results.

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