How braces move teeth

Most people know that braces straighten teeth, but exactly how they do this is more of a mystery. We want you to feel involved at every step of your orthodontic treatment. So, keep reading to find out how our specialist team will reveal your sparkling new smile.

Smile straightening specialists

Orthodontics is a specialist area of dentistry that’s dedicated to straightening teeth. As well as enhancing the appearance of your smile, orthodontic treatment can improve the way your teeth bite together and function.

Moving teeth safely takes a considerable amount of expertise. Our specialist orthodontist Dr. Jackie Bracken has years of training and experience, including a Clinical Doctorate in Orthodontics from the University College Cork (Hons).

Jackie works closely with a caring team of orthodontic therapists to provide you with outstanding results.

Transforming teeth

We use appliances called braces to straighten teeth. Traditionally, these were made from metal and fixed to your teeth. Now you can choose from clear fixed braces; clear, removable aligners; and braces that go behind your teeth. They all look very different, but they work in a similar way.

Fixed braces comprise of small metal or clear ceramic brackets, which are attached to your teeth. They’re connected by a thin metal archwire, which is held in place by the brackets themselves or small elastic ligatures.

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Making the right moves

It’s the wire that provides the energy to align your teeth. Throughout your treatment, we’ll regularly change your archwire to move your teeth little by little. Teeth move slowly, so it’s important not to rush your transformation.

Clear aligners like Invisalign use the same biomechanics as fixed braces. Instead of wires, the aligners themselves provide the forces needed to move your teeth. Sometimes we’ll fit small, discreet attachments to your teeth to act as handles, to help your aligners achieve more challenging movements.

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The science behind straightening smiles

You’ll see your teeth getting straighter week by week. There will be some exciting changes happening below your gumline too.

The roots of your teeth are surrounded by a periodontal membrane and alveolar bone. As your braces put pressure on your teeth, the periodontal membrane stretches and compresses, providing your teeth with room to move. Your alveolar bone then moulds itself around your newly positioned teeth.

This process is known as bone remodelling. It will take around 12 months for your smile to stabilise after your braces are removed.

We’ll give you retainers to maintain your well-earned results. Retainers should be worn indefinitely, but they’re especially important during the first year.

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From the time of my first appointment, to the day I got my braces off, Jackie made it the most pleasant experience and her attention to detail is amazing.

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