While wearing braces, it’s even more important to protect your teeth and mouth during contact sports.

It’s essential to wear a gumshield for sports like hockey, rugby, boxing, skateboarding and martial arts.

Gumshields act as shock absorbers, helping to evenly distribute the force from a collision. Without a gumshield, your teeth would take all the impact, which could lead to chips, fractures and even tooth loss.

If you are wearing fixed braces, you also risk damage to your lips and mouth from the force of the impact.

Custom-made gumshields for braces

We recommend a custom-made Impact gumshield to all our orthodontic patients.

Impact gumshields offer the highest level of impact absorption on the market. They use Hexofill technology to create a ‘crumple zone’ between the gumshield and your teeth to dramatically reduce the force applied to your teeth during a collision.

To create your custom-made gumshield, we’ll take impressions of your teeth using our digital iTero scanner. It takes minutes, and there’s no messy putty or alginate.

Impact gumshields are the best-fitting gumshields on the market, and they are the first company to produce custom-fit 3D-printed gumshields. Your new gumshield will be 3D printed to precisely fit your teeth.

Why choose an Impact gumshield?

  • Suitable for all ages and sports
  • Chosen by over 250 elite athletes
  • Digital scans take less than five minutes
  • Allow normal speech and breathing
  • Precise and comfortable fit
  • 21% more protection than rival gumshields

Is a shop-bought gumshield okay?

Unfortunately, shop-bought gumshields don’t provide the same level of protection as a custom-fitted gumshield.

They are often bulky and don’t fit the teeth closely, making them uncomfortable and less effective (and sometimes less likely to be worn). You may struggle to keep your gumshield in your mouth when you speak.

A poorly fitting gumshield could also irritate your soft tissues and cause pain and ulcers.

Contact us to order your customised gumshield

To find out more about custom-fit gumshields, please talk to a member of our team who will be delighted to answer your questions and arrange a scan.