If you’re wondering if braces will fit into your busy lifestyle, the answer is yes.

We use the latest DentalMonitoring software, so you can spend less time at the practice, and more time doing the things you love.

Throughout your treatment, we’ll track your progress via an app on your smartphone. Instead of automatically coming in for check-ups every 6–8 weeks, you’ll only visit us when you need to.

Benefits of virtual check-ups

DentalMonitoring software improves communication, so you can enjoy a seamless experience.

  • Stay connected to your orthodontist, wherever you are in the world
  • Keep your treatment on track with weekly selfies
  • Receive regular updates on your progress
  • Spot potential problems early and act quickly
  • Enjoy fewer appointments and faster results
  • Keep your smile healthy with personalised hygiene advice

How it works

DentalMonitoring keeps you connected to your orthodontist through an app on your smartphone. Take a photo of your teeth each week, and upload it to the app. It takes less than two minutes.

If everything’s on track, you’ll only need to visit the practice for adjustments. It’s a fantastic option if you don’t live locally, or you’re planning an extended getaway.

With the help of DentalMonitoring, we can detect potential issues like poor oral hygiene as soon as they arise and act before they become a problem. We’ll send you feedback through the app, and if we have any concerns, we’ll invite you in for a check-up.

Demo video

DentalMonitoring is available with Invisalign aligners and fixed braces. If you’d like to find out more, we’d be delighted to meet you for a face-to-face or free video consultation.

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From the time of my first appointment, to the day I got my braces off, Jackie made it the most pleasant experience and her attention to detail is amazing.

J. O’Neill, Kilkenny