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Orthodontic treatment can achieve incredible results for individuals of all ages. Sometimes, a few small adjustments can make a huge difference to your smile and confidence.

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From subtle tweaks to dramatic transformations, keep scrolling to see some of our favourite smiles.

Braces before Braces after

We used fixed metal braces to transform this patient’s underbite (reverse overjet).

Before braces photo After braces photo

We reduced this patient’s overjet using fixed metal braces for a fantastic result.

Before braces After braces

We used twin block braces and fixed metal braces to improve this bite and smile.

Before teeth braces After teeth braces

Here is another view of the case above.

Before teeth straightening After teeth straightening

We discreetly perfected this patient’s teeth using Clarity clear fixed braces.

Before clear braces After clear braces

Clarity clear fixed braces were used to correct this patient’s crossbite and transform their smile.

Before straight teeth After straight teeth

Twin block braces and fixed metal braces left this smile beautifully aligned.

Before metal braces After metal braces

We transformed this patient’s overjet and confidence using fixed metal braces.

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I'm usually a bit nervous about going to the dentist but Jackie made me feel at ease right from the start, I always looked forward to going in to see them!

G. O’Malley, Tipperary