There are many options when it comes to straightening teeth. One of the most important choices you’ll make will be deciding who provides your treatment.

Who can straighten teeth?

Orthodontists and dentists can both straighten teeth, but their experience can vary significantly.

Orthodontists spend at least three years studying orthodontics full time. Once qualified, they usually dedicate their practice to straightening teeth. They’ll treat a variety of cases using a wide range of braces and appliances.

Orthodontic courses for dentists vary in length and scope. Most dentists choose to focus on a specific appliance, for example, clear aligners. Usually, they’ll provide braces alongside general dental treatments.

What is a specialist orthodontist?

After completing their specialist training and passing the relevant exams, orthodontists can register as specialist orthodontists with the Dental Council of Ireland. By visiting a specialist orthodontist like Dr. Jackie Bracken, you can be assured that your smile is in excellent hands.

Jackie graduated as a dentist from Trinity College Dublin in 2005. After establishing her own successful dental practice, she started her specialist training at the University College Cork.

Following three years of theory and hands-on practice, Jackie was awarded a Clinical Doctorate in Orthodontics and Membership in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

Why you should see a specialist

Braces are an investment, so you’ll want to consider your options carefully. Here are a few good reasons to trust your smile to a specialist orthodontist.

Benefit from unrivalled expertise

On top of their extensive training, specialist orthodontists quickly gain valuable experience straightening teeth full time.

Dentists usually treat straightforward cases, while orthodontists have the expertise to tackle the most complicated misalignments.

Like most orthodontists, Dr. Jackie Bracken is a perfectionist. It’s the small details that can distinguish a good result from a great one. You can find some before and after braces photos on our website, and we’ll be delighted to show you more at your consultation.

Choose from a wide range of braces

Orthodontists learn a variety of techniques and appliances, including children’s braces, fixed braces and removable aligners. Together, we can choose the brace that best suits your goals and lifestyle.

Invisalign (pictured below) is a popular option for children, teens and adults. It boasts clear aligners that you can remove to eat, drink and clean your teeth.

Fixed braces remain a firm favourite amongst our youngest patients. They enjoy the freedom to customise their smile with rainbow-coloured elastic ligatures.

Invisalign aligner

Enjoy long-lasting results

Orthodontists aren’t just experts at aligning teeth. We’re also skilled at keeping them straight. We understand that teeth have a tendency to move when braces come off, so we offer a comprehensive aftercare package as part of your treatment.

You’ll receive removable retainers to maintain your results, as well as one year of Aftercare by Jackie. There are no extra charges, everything’s included in the cost of your braces.

To find out more about the benefits of braces with a specialist, contact us to arrange your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Jackie Bracken.